AQUAFIN nv is responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the supra-municipal water treatment infrastructure in Flanders. Aquafin additionally manages the quality assurance and technical inspection of municipal sewage projects subsidised in the RIO program.

Please visit: www.aquafin.be


Sustainable Energy Ventures nvis a 100% VMH subsidiary and can be deployed as a company for assisting in accelerating the circular economy.

InOpSys nv develops innovative solutions for the on-site treatment of complex, toxic waste waters that arise during the pharmaceutical and chemical production processes. The InOpSys concept completely eliminates the transport and incineration of such waste waters. On-site purified water can consequently be recovered from the customer’s production processes and valuable components (metals, phosphates and solvents etc.) extracted and supplied to specialised companies as raw materials. The InOpSys concept offers the pharmaceutical and chemical industry a sustainable, innovative and cost-efficient solution that closes the water cycle and creates a circular economy. InOpSys currently develops these solutions in its in-house lab and subsequently deploys them at the customer site via flexible, modular mobile treatment units. VMH has a 22.3% participation in this company.

Please visit: www.inopsys.be


iFLUX nv is an Antwerp-based start-up that has developped a new measuring technique for soil and groundwater pollution that is much more accurate than traditional soil sampling. When pollution is detected, the sanitisation and follow-up monitoring can be more efficient and more precisely targeted than with traditional techniques. VMH has a 15.99% participation in this company.

Please visit: https://www.ifluxsampling.com/en-GB/