Required information

If you have already prepared a business plan, then please send this to us for our perusal. If you have not yet done so, we recommend sourcing an instructive manual that will assist you in the creation of your business plan.

In order for us to gain sufficient insight into your team, technology, market and shareholders, your business plan should supply answers to the following questions at a minimum:

  • Background of the “venture”
  • Operations
  • Which product or service is provided?
  • What stage of development is it currently in?
  • Do you possess property rights for the concept or have protective rights been requested?
  • How does your business model work?
  • Team
  • Market
  • Description of the market, which niche do you plan to conquer?
  • Anticipated market development
  • Competitors
  • What obstacles must you overcome?
  • Impact of environmental regulations and support mechanisms
  • Is production or service dependent on certain suppliers or raw materials?
  • Commercial plan
  • How do you profile your company on the market?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • How are customers approached?
  • What criteria does the customer use to purchase your product or service and what impact does this have on the customer’s decision process (lead times)?
  • Investments: installation overview, market introduction costs and working capital required


The business plan is concluded with a financial planthat translates the answers to the preceding questions into figures. Cash planning,forecast profit & loss statements and balance sheetsenable us to obtain a thorough understanding of your financing structure. If your company is already operational, then kindly supply us with the historical figures.

A SWOT analysiswill also help to better position the company.

Finally, please specify whatyou wish to use the financing round for and whyVMH should invest in your project.